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Welcome to Aquentis

"At Aquentis we know the worlds changing and we recognise we need to be at the forefront of technology
not just to keep pace but to lead."

Our dedicated research and development team which includes both in-house and contracted professionals with over 26 years experience ensure that we always approach the problem with a fresh and unbiased attitude with no preconceived idea's of what's needed. Our equipment is designed with the installer in mind but with no loss of functionality for the end user, and our partnering program with selected installers, end users and specifiers along with our own dedicated installation and maintenance teams provide us with a valuable information flow from all market sectors.
We design our equipment to be easy & intuitive to use and avoid unnecessarily & complicated controls, the primary function of the equipment must always be to clearly indicate the state of the monitored environment.

What we do

Our business has and always will be multifaceted:


                                With the modern Office, Commercial and Data Centre environments getting evermore dependant on technology it can sometimes become confusing as to what can interrupt the normal business activities. Just one drip of water in the wrong place can have your phone system, data or power down for hours, a data rack in your comm’s room gets too hot and servers go offline and your staff cannot access data and documents causing delays and possible lost customers, these are just a couple of ways that your business can suffer. As a company we virtually grew up in data centres, after all we installed our first Water Detection system in 1985. If you don’t know where to start contact us, we are able to carry out a risk assessment of your premises and offer a complete “Turnkey” package.


              For those who know what they want we are able to offer competitive costings for the supply of “Equipment Only” from all major manufacturers. We offer a small selection of equipment and components for sale on this site but this has been carefully chosen for ease of installation and doesn’t reflect the full extent of our inventory.


                            With factory trained engineers we are able to offer installation of Liquid, and Gas leak detection systems on a national basis throughout the UK with other territories by arrangement.


                                        We can offer commissioning on systems purchased from us but installed by your own engineers. Testing of cabling and final connection of sensors and panels is carried out by our engineers and the system is fully tested and a written commissioning record is provided for your client.


                                  As with all Critical Alarm systems it's continued efficiency and effectiveness can deteriorate over time, external factors such as the cleanliness of the environment, building works or even new infrastructure works can effect the correct operation of a system. All manufacturers without exception recommend that maintenance be carried out at regular intervals. We offer a comprehensive range of Maintenance packages for all major manufacturers systems from simple functionality checks to full recalibration.



                  With access to spares for past and present systems we are able to provide unprecedented expertise to get your system up and running again. 


Aquentis Critical area and Environmental Alarm Systems

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